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Bymond Meet brought Great News for Organizations !!

Bymond Meet  Video Conferencing Solution has brought Imagination to reality in this COVID19 era for the Corporates & Organizations with a Personalized Video Conferencing & Online Meeting Room platform.  BMEET includes all kinds of latest technology required for Virtual Classrooms, Corporate & Business Meetings, Collaborative Works,  Small to Large conference Rooms , Live Streaming to Thousands of Audience & much more.  It is more affordable in comparison with all other Giants Players like Google Meet, Zoom, etc in terms of Customization & Organizational Branding.  Bymond Meet Organization Plans starts from only INR 6000.00 monthly pricing where they provide complete Organizational setup with FULL organization Branding with Organization LOGO, Color, Website & Complete Admin Dashboard . This is Perfect for the Small educational Institutes, Coaching Centre, Training Institutes, Cultural Clubs, Academy, Small Enterprises, Established Startups, Banks & Hospita
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What will be the world of after Covid?

Have you ever imagined what could be the scenario of after covid? What will happen when corona will not be an issue? As of now the whole world is fighting with corona virus , like many pharmaceutical companies, laboratories , research centers are trying day and night to find out the effective vaccine for COVID19.  Let's assume that it is done and the badly effected countries have already done the vaccination properly ,so there are no new corona cases and the existing active cases are under control. No lockdown anywhere. Just everything is going back to its previous conditions.  Wait, is it really possible to make everything as before? If we take an example of Hospitality ,Tourism & Airlines industries over the world , can they resume their services like before? Big companies client meetings and business meetings will take place on 5* hotels and resorts or it will switch to the online web conferencing platforms like Zoom , Google Meet , WebEx etc.? So there are tons of questions

Why Google removed "Remove China Apps"

Recently Google pulled a mobile application from its Play Store that was built to helps users want to delete Chinese apps for games, entertainment, or any other purpose and other software from their Android smartphones citing the violations of its policies. According to the sources from Gadgets360 Google has taken down the app due to a few primary reasons. Firstly The app was mentioned as an educational app but it has no connection with education or learning activity instead it had the straight forward name “Remove China Apps”. Secondly, the mobile app was provoking the users to remove other third-party apps, which is against Google's Play Store policy. The controversial software, Remove China Apps, had drawn millions of downloads in just two weeks in India as tensions between the two countries surged in the borders. According to the available information the program was developed by little-known OneTouch AppLabs , based in Jaipur. China and India both have been gathering thousands

Listening can be your skill?

You might be thinking listening should be very easy. When we’re not talking, you may think that we’re listening, right? But, not exactly that happen. A lot of times, we think that we’re listening or we just want to make sure others that we are listening to them. But actually, we’re planning to make ourselves ready for what to say next.  True listening exactly means focusing only on what the other person/persons is/are saying . It’s all about understanding on real-time, not rebuttal or input. Learning how to suspend the sudden & quick judgment coming out from your mind and focus on the better & proper understanding of the other person’s input is one of the most important skills you can develop in yourself. Always listening carefully is a bit like a hidden intelligence—most of the peoples think that they’re the above average (even though that’s impossible) in listening. A study at Wright State University surveyed over more than 8,000 people from different verticals, cites, their

Companies may layoff more, Delays campus hires.

The whole world is now fighting with a very very unexpected enemy, which can't be seen on bare eyes , makes it tougher to fight with. Almost most of the countries are fed up with at least two months lock-down, falling rate of the economy of the countries is very high, everywhere the big companies & private sectors can't but laying off their employees to sustain in this tough conditions. So there is a very high risk of huge unemployment in the cites & urban areas of the countries. Many people's lifestyles may change very fast. Laying off one high salaried employee layoff their employees(maids, drivers ) who are dependent on them.  So basically a critical condition is knocking on the door. We are waiting to face a huge change in hospitality, travel badly effected. Client meetings are going to be remote rather than a Foreign tour or visit to the client's places. The Work From Home & the Remote working techies may stay in profit due to huge demand for online mee